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滿月好歌分享:Bone by bone 野性女人逐骨鏈結

心靈好歌推薦:Bone by bone,By:Marya Stark,專輯:Lineage


而Marya Stark 被喻為是神話、魔術、藥輪歌曲的綜合載體。她透過歌曲,帶領大家穿越時空,那些過去生、未來式與女性、重生、轉化的過程,被她歌頌出來,宛如一趟靈魂的旅程。曲風結合了民俗、循環、管弦樂以及古典聲樂,讓她的創作更增添了療癒。是現代身心靈中,很具有野性女人力量的歌者,喜歡她的音樂,請參考網站:


There is a wild one calling you by name 那裡有個狂野的人在叫你的名字

In your most inconvenient moments 在你最不方便的時刻

Just her whisper can reach through the walls of your domestic life 她只需要細語,就能夠穿越你家庭生活裡的牆

Arriving in your dreams 直抵你的夢境

I commend you for not running at first 我讚許你沒有一開始就逃離

Wild and naked with desire out of your life to meet her 赤裸並狂野的渴望與她相見

Tearing at your hair and ecstatic freedom but eventually you will 最終你將會自由、欣喜若狂

We all secretly long to go howling 我們所有人都渴望去嚎叫

Or sneaking off into the forest under the light of the full moon 或在滿月月光下潛入森林中

When our family has gone safely to sleep 當我們的家人安然入睡之後

And we are wild with insomnia 我們便會失眠且變得狂野

You cannot get this wrong 你不會錯的

Because the one stirring the fire inside 因為存於內在的火焰在攪動

Casting dreamlike shadows has been waiting for you 如夢幻般的陰影在等著你

A long long time 很久很久了

Hair By Hair 髮絲相連 Bone by Bone 逐骨鏈結 Wild Woman Reclaim Your Throne 狂野的女人取回你的王位 Arrows Bows 弓箭 Dreams of Crows 烏鴉的夢 Wild Woman come home 狂野女人回家吧

Tiny bones, toe bones, femurs and skulls 小指頭、腳指頭、股骨和頭顱

Fish bones, crow bones 魚骨頭、烏鴉骨頭

Caps and bicone bones 雙生骨頭

It’s nature to feel your hair suddenly stand up on your thighs 感覺到毛髮突然從大腿上豎直是自然的

As your feet crumble and humble themselves 當你的腳自行謙遜地落下

Near her fierce fire 在她的烈焰旁邊

Heart yearning for your own wildness to return 心渴望屬於她的狂野回歸

Stories of confession tumbling from your lips 告解的故事從妳的嘴裡滾落

I had no choice but to survive 我別無選擇,只能求存

I was making safe longing to belong 我一直在渴望安全

I abandoned myself 我拋棄了自己

I abandoned my dance, my voice 我遺棄了舞蹈和聲音

And finally my howling hearts 最後連我嚎叫的心也遺失了

Hair By Hair 髮絲相連 Bone by Bone 逐骨鏈結 Wild Woman Reclaim Your Throne 狂野的女人取回你的王位 Arrows Bows 弓箭 Dreams of Crows 烏鴉的夢 Wild Woman come home 狂野女人回家吧

Now my skin is dry 現在我的皮膚乾了

My body my mind is like a caged animal clawing at my skull dying to escape 我的身心就像一隻被籠困住的動物,死於掙脫

Please grandmother please 奶奶,拜託拜託

Let me sit by your fire 讓我坐在妳的火焰旁邊

I long to run with the wolves again 我渴望再次與狼同奔

Skin of my cheeks moistened with tears 淚水濕潤了我臉頰的皮膚

Casting rainbows near the corners of my eyes 在眼角之下映出了彩虹

Her humming turns toward prayer in forgotten tongues 她的低鳴朝著乞求著失落的舌頭去

As I watch the piles of bones begin to rattle 當我看著成堆的骨頭嘎嘎作響時

Skeleton humming along with the bones under my alarm skin 在我警醒的皮膚之下,全身共振

She is the conductor 她就是指揮

The bones is the instruments 而骨頭則是她的樂器

Everyone coming alive in her orchestra 生命都活躍在她的樂團裡

Breath to bone 呼吸進入骨頭

She lifts an ivory rib to meet her withered lips 她舉起象牙的肋骨到乾枯的嘴唇處

Playing it back to life 祈求她重生

Skin on bone her breath inviting an embedded song from the marrow into the night


Please grandmother please 奶奶,拜託拜託

Break the cage of my own making 擊碎我創造出來的牢籠

Songs pour out as wildfire catches in my blood 野火在我的血液中蔓延,歌曲傾瀉而出

Her shadow arching back 她拱起背的影子

Bending spellbound as she is remembering me 彎下身軀,如同她已想起了我



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