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The Rainbow Trace:

Segni Mossi Summer Camp at Thailand

ART is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.

― Anni Albers


2021. 7/29 (Thu) - 8/02 (Mon)

(5 days / 5 nights)

※ Arrive on 28th July

Maximum 20 person.


Thailand・Chiang Mai


(depends on the room)

Euro 1,180

~ 1,680

Segni Mossi was born in 2014, and 2020 will be the year of seven. And the seventh year, exactly means the changing year of life circle. From a new birth child, each seven year our mind will enter to the next level, our body as well, to gain a better metabolism, cells and the systems inside our body, each seven year going to have a big change. So, Segni Mossi either, in 2020, we develop a new form of investigation: Summer Camp.


In the past years, the teacher training in many countries around the world has been developing year after year. Starting from Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, and the latest Blue. During this period of transformation, how to build a communication channel among countries, gradually sprout in Segni Mossi. After all, since its birth, the nutrients of Segni Mossi have come from the spark of the communication with children.


Therefore, we decided to use "Rainbow" as a bridge for communication among countries, and invited artists from all over the world to come to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We will select the issues of each training as an introduction, and create more in-depth collective creation. Longing for the earth art village, we are weaving the rainbow track that belongs to us.


About Segni Mossi

Segni mossi is a research project born in 2014 from the visual artist Alessandro Lumare and the choreographer Simona Lobefaro in order to investigates the relationship between dance and the graphic sign with children and adults: 


  • Dance as different material, projection in the space, emergence of the emotional

  • Sign as extension of the body, action, scent of experiences

We move into a certain dimension, which is about the exploration, experimentation, discovery, amazement.


Segni Mossi partner with Mus-e Italia to promote social inclusion through art in public primary schools in Rome, Italy. Since 2015, Segni Mossi have been conducting training courses and workshops in more than 20 countries, and been selected by ​HundrED ​organization as ​​one​​ of​​ its ​​100​ ​innovative​ ​education projects​ ​across​ ​the​ ​world for the years 2017 and 2019.

Segni Mossi's goals in the work with kids and adults

◆ Valorize the sign and freeing it from any representative subordination.

◆ Overcome fears and conventions related to supposed graphic and movement incompetence.

◆ Facilitate the awareness of the body and stimulate its motor and creative potential.

◆ Explore the connection between the expressive qualities of the body movements and the expressive qualities of the sign.

◆ Linger on the creative process rather than the result.

◆ Consider the experimentation as a working method.

◆ Gain confidence in itself and in others through a cooperative dimension.

◆ Develop the relationship with the group and the socialization by respecting and valuing the differences between every single one.

◆ Stimulate a critical and artistic feeling.

Segni Mossi Training Structure

YELLOW training course:

➤ The group in the space

➤ Speed and strength of the track 

➤ The darkness

➤ The ephemeral

➤ Traces in our memory

➤ The dynamics of the jump

➤ Symmetry in our bodies and drawings

➤ Looking practices

ORANGE training course :

➤ Continuity

➤ Opposites

➤ Inertia

➤ The behavior of a liquid

➤ Gravity

➤ Out of balance and suspension

➤ Escape velocity

RED training course :

➤ Impulses

➤ Propagation

➤ Deformation

➤ Architecture

➤ Expansion

➤ Inside and outside

➤ Trajectories

➤ Networks

PINK training course:

➤ The mechanism and the damage

➤ The unexpected

➤ The dives

➤ Balancing

➤ The back

➤ The invisibility

➤ The flocks

➤ The clouds

BLUE training course:

➤ Mobile supports 

➤ Waves

➤ Instant sculptures

➤ Bodies as compasses

➤ Whiffles

➤ From gesture to sign to movement

➤ Bounce

➤ Multiple exposures

 About Rainbow Trace Summer Camp

The Rainbow trace camp are 5 days crossed by Segni Mossi ingredients: Dance and draw in relation, simplicity, rigour, play, taste for exploration and collaboration. We will let our emotional world spread through the body both into space and on physical surfaces on which we will leave marks in relationship with the others. Marks that will give us precious feedbacks of our action, of our place within the group. We will be brought in a creative and experimental dimension to experience at the same time being the artificers and the artwork itself, a living and continuously transforming collective artwork in which everyone will contribute with his/her own unique peculiarity.


The camp will be enriched by herb steam baths, yoga classes, meditations and massages experiences to create a seamless link with the artistic work: the water which tenderly defines our boundaries, the energetic flow we feel during a yoga class, the inner space we contact during a meditation, the path we follow along our skin surface during a massage. Inner and outside traces in relationship. Moreover all the precious free time we will spend together beside the activities like eating organic food, going for a walk, exchanging ideas, listening to music…all this will help the group to be an open and welcoming space in which every difference will be accepted and valorized.

Who are they aimed at?

Educators, dancers, art therapists, teachers, bodyworkers, artist, any person who is curious about art and life. No age limits, and no experience. 

The Leaders

Simona Lobefaro

comes from a multidisciplinary background whose pivot is contemporary dance, research dance and performance. She is the choreographer of MAddAI. She is part of Sistemi Dinamici Altamente Instabili. She conducts dance workshops for adults, children, children and adults together.

Alessandro Lumare

is an author of illustrated books for children, art trainer and atelierista. He has a professional experience as video maker, dancer and sociocultural operator. His artistic research is characterized by multidisciplinary and attitude to innovation. 


Camp Schedule


Notice :

  1. Camp uses "English" as the main language. And timetable will be adjusted at any time according to the group's energy and needs. Please keep your mind flexible, Thank you!

  2. The Rainbow Trace composed of all the colors of Segni Mossi’s training courses, we choice some of the issue to go exploration deeply, and will create very different atmosphere.

  3. Voices from various countries will provide us with space to rethink and give these experiences a higher value.

Location・Chiang Mai Yoga Eco Resort

There’s a secret place at Chiang Mai, which have Organic farm and Restaurant, and hand-made Adobe houses. To embrace simply getting back to basics: organic farming, pure foods, earthen designs and ‘quality to the source’ in all of the choices. Here will offer us a beautiful luxurious villa stays, under the grid and out of the city, is perfect places for us, to going deeper digging into ART.




(depends on the room)

Euro 1,180 ~ 1,680

Booking deposit

600 euro, the rest of payment can pay before 2020, 30th June.

Maximum 20 person.

Payment Includes

  1. 5 night accommodation at Chiang Mai Eco resort、13 meals. (Only on the trip at 31th Jul’s lunch and dinner are not include.)

  2. Travel Insurance. (2 million)

  3. One day trip at Chiang Mai. (Massage, Herb, Farm, Night Market)

  4. Transportation from Chiang Mai International airport to resort and back.

Not Includes

  1. Flight tickets、Visa.

  2. Massage tips,drinks.

Meeting Point and Pick-Up Time

2020 3rd Aug 15:00 Chiang Mai International Airport Arrivals Hall 

Registration Information

Organized by:Blossom Journey Studio

Co-organizer:G.S.T Travel Agency (Taiwan No.8197)

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