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Chiang Mai Yoga Eco Resort

Room & Pricing Introduction

There’s a secret place at Chiang Mai, which have Organic farm and Restaurant, and hand-made Adobe houses. To embrace simply getting back to basics: organic farming, pure foods, earthen designs and ‘quality to the source’ in all of the choices. Here will offer us a beautiful luxurious villa stays, under the grid and out of the city, is perfect places for us, to going deeper digging into ART.


the most iconic structure at the resort. Because of the three rain drops design of the dome shaped roof. The complimentary organic nature of the structure can’t be ignored as it is seen emerging from the rice fields across a wide expanse. 

・twin share or single

Single : 1,680 euro p.p.

Two person : 1,300 euro p.p.


a large, high-ceiling villa with a spacious indoor sitting area, indoor bathroom with moonlight views and an enormous outdoor veranda with a lusciously curved couch for lounging. 

Two person : 1,300 euro p.p.

a unique, individual design, large interior and always enticing wooden bathtub. A short walk from the pool and restaurant, with aircon, fridge, wifi and twin beds with cotton mosquito net.

Two person : 1,300 euro p.p.

This spacious villa is well suited for those who choose avoid the pre-fabricated and life-less hotel rooms so commonly found in commercial resorts but still enjoy their comfort. 

Two person : 1,300 euro p.p.

specially designed villas that can be fashioned as either two private villas with two shared outdoor bathrooms or as two connected villas – perfect for family or friends. 

Two person : 1,300 euro p.p.
Jai Dee

An earthen adobe brick design, hand molded on site and lovingly assembled. This villa, while smaller inside, offers the same standard of design, amenities and comforts as the other.

Single : 1,680 euro p.p.
Two person : 1,300 euro p.p.

These lovely small rooms have a single bed and suite bathroom, air con, wifi and are tastefully decorated in the Eco style - all while offering privacy and pricing for an individual.

Two person : 1,360 euro p.p.

a lovely room with a double bed and suite bathroom on second floor of main house. 

Single : 1,360 euro p.p.
Two person : 1,180 euro p.p.

dorms can sleep 4 with two connected bathrooms and showers and views of the farm and mountains. 

Single : 1,180 euro p.p.
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